Macs N Melts

About Us


The Dream Comes Alive

Macs N’ Melts is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Robert Croak. With over 20 years experience in the restaurant business Robert Croak and his enterprise team have set out to build the next big thing in the ever-growing fast casual segment of the restaurant business. The Macs N’ Melts brand is built on the premise of high-quality food, localized artisan vendors and giving back to the community.



Giving Back

Macs N’ Melts will give a portion of his net profit to localized charities and youth organizations. Macs N’ Melts flagship store is open at the Westgate Village plaza in Toledo Ohio and the Perrysburg store is now open and located at 26520 N. Dixie Highway adjacent to Costco.

Robert and his team are very excited about the charitable integration aspect of the Macs N’ Melts business model. Robert is very passionate about this and feels he can make a difference in the nearby communities with this program.




The Concept

Macs N’ Melts prides itself in providing high-quality food, customer loyalty programs and technology to aid in its growth in the fast casual comfort food category. It all starts with the ingredients and Macs N’ Melts is using local artisan vendors for all of its cheeses and breads and will use local farmers for all of it’s produce. Our message is simple – Provide the best food we can make with only fresh ingredients while providing an awesome environment.